Parts List

  1. Sliding “float Shaft” Lock
  2. Float Release Knob
  3. Float Shaft O-Ring Retainer
  4. Float Shaft O-Ring
  5. Float Shaft
  6. Uper Float Plate
  7. Clear Top Chamber
  8. Removeable Injector Tubes
  9. Chamber O-ring
  10. Male Exhaust port (Threaded or John Guest
    Speed Fit)
  11. Male or Female Inlet Port (Threaded or
    John Guest Speed Fit)
  1. Gasket
  2. Float O-ring
  3. Base
  4. Lower Float Body
  5. Vent Button
  6. Vent Shaft
  7. Vent Housing
  8. Inner Vent O-ring
  9. Primary Vent o-ring
  10. Stainless Steel Vent Spring
  11. Vent Assembly
  12. Wall Bracket slot
  13. Wall Bracket (Optional)

Product Info

Pacific Beer Equipment' renowned high-tech Draught Foam Control device, the DFC 9500, stops beer flow immediately after a keg empties, both at the key and the tap. This eliminates the spitting and spraying...
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