Mechanical Keg Switcher vs Non-mechanical Keg Switcher- Which one to buy

Mechanical Keg Switcher vs Non-mechanical Keg Switcher- Which one to buy?

If you run a busy beer house or a bar, you must have struggled at one point or another to keep the beer flowing. Tapping and switching kegs is one process that slows down your tempo considerably, especially during the peak hours. You have two options for that: either you can tap and switch manually or you can use an automated keg switcher which will make the whole process faster and easier.

If you are using a manual tap, after you cool the beer adequately, you have to press the tap in the keg, lock it and connect it to the tubing. Once it empties, switch to a different keg. There are some products available in the market which can make the process quicker. The keg quick change setup contains 3 disconnects, supplemented with tubing and hose clamps. The disconnects are quick seal and you do not lose the gas in the tank when you disconnect. To use it, first you switch off the gas supply and then you remove the tap. After that, you clamp the line around 5 inches away from the tap and switch. The whole process is quicker than using one tap at a time. This device costs around $58.95, but it definitely saves time.

So far as just taps are concerned, there are many of them available in the market. Taprite hand tap comes at $19.99 and has a hose attached to it. The price range is usually between $15 to $50 depending on the quality and ease of use.

Now let’s come to a more sophisticated way of keg tapping and switching. Mechanical or automated keg switchers are now available in the market. They usually consist of a tap device with 3 openings. Two openings can connect with two different kegs, while the third opening is for a FOB (Foam On Beer) detector device or for connecting with another keg switcher. When you connect the keg with the switcher, it automatically empties the keg and then switches to the next full keg. There is a piston detector device that detects when the first keg is empty and helps in switching to the next keg. You can connect a number of keg switchers with one another in a line and connect as many kegs to them as you want. The switcher will automatically open the kegs one after another and there will be a continuous supply of beer without you worrying. The FOB device helps to keep out the foam and prevents spillage and wastage of beer. The price is substantially higher than any of the manual options, but it does save a lot of time and energy. One keg switcher costs around $244 and if you want to buy a FOB detector device along with the keg switcher, the total price will be around $330. You can buy them online as well.

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