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Your draught dollars are going down the drain, every keg...every day

Take It To The End of The Line

Pacific Beer Equipment’s renowned high-tech Draught Foam Control device (Beer FOBs), the DFC 9500, stops beer flow immediately after a keg empties, both at the key and the tap. This eliminates the spitting and spraying that usually happens when a keg “blows”. The DFC 9500 keeps the supply lines full of beer, even when a keg blows, resulting in instant beer from a freshly tapped keg.

That's right — no more time and money is wasted pouring off foam in order to get to the good stuff.

Drain Your Keg, Not Your Wallet

Savings for businesses are astronomical. Independent testing by various North American Breweries has shown the DFC 9500 saves an average of one pitcher of beer per keg on a typical long-draw run, much greater savings for stadiums, airports, and hotels. Given that there are approximately 40 pitchers in a keg and based on a volume of 40 kegs per week - bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants would save one keg a week. That's 52 kegs a year!

Owners see their return on investment very quickly.


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Foaming at the end of a keg and when starting a new keg cost bar operators profit from beer wastage at keg change over. Since the DFC9500 keeps the supply lines full during keg change over, this waste and subsequent loss of profit is eliminated. Average potential savings per keg change are illustrated below.

Using a 3/8 inch Supply Line
10 ft 6 oz
30 ft18 oz
100 ft50 oz (2.5 pints)
150 ft75 oz (Almost 4 pints!)
Kegs/monthLength of beerline(ft)
 Beer wasted per month($)


Around the world, people are toasting the
best bar invention since beer itself.

  • “The DFC 9500 is being used in every new installation as standard equipment. It is easy to install, simple to operate, and of great return for cost recovering.”
    Dreher Representacoes, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  • “It allows you to run your beer right out. It’s then a simple matter of changing the DFC 9500 onto a fresh Keg, avoiding wastage and having to worry about air in the beer lines.” Maroubra Seals Club, Australia
  • “Compact, simple to operate. Positive results have paved the way for success of the DFC 9500 in Japan.” BLM International, Osaka, Japan.
  • “Wasted beer has been reduced to just a few ounces per keg with the DFC 9500. It’s simple to operate and highly effective.” Holiday Inn Hotel, Vancouver, Canada
  • “Since purchasing the DFC 9500 and analyzing the sales figures from 9000 kegs of beer, we found that they have saved us about 360 kegs of beer or approximately 4% of overall cost!”
    Curtis Howser, London UK
  • “Based on the use of the DFC 9500, San : Francisco Airport calculates their annual cost savings on draft beer will be $27,248. The retail sales equivalent of that amount is $173,560.”
    Host Marriott Corporation, Washington D. C.