About Us

Pacific Beer Equipment has been a proud fixture in the industry for over three decades, kicking off with the introduction of the DFC 7500 back in 1991. Today, we're excited to offer upgraded versions of our Draught Foam Control devices, featuring the cutting-edge DFC 9500 and DFC 9600.

Our flagship products, the DFC 9500 and DFC 9600, boast state-of-the-art technology designed to put a stop to beer flow the moment a keg runs dry, whether you're at the key or the tap. This means saying goodbye to the messy issues of spitting and spraying that often come with kegs "blowing."

What's more, these units ensure a constant supply of beer in the lines, so you can enjoy instant access to freshly tapped kegs without the hassle of dealing with excess foam.

But the real kicker? The cost savings for businesses are substantial. Independent tests conducted by various North American Breweries have shown that the DFC 9500 and DFC 9600 can save an average of one pitcher of beer per keg in a typical long-draw system. And when you're talking about larger venues like stadiums, airports, and hotels, those savings can really add up.

Let's crunch some numbers. With a keg typically holding about 40 pitchers and assuming a volume of 40 kegs per week, bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants could potentially save up to a keg per week – that's a whopping 52 kegs annually! So, you can bet owners will see a rapid return on their investment.

Ready to upgrade? Our DFC 9500 and DFC 9600 are available in both wall-mounted and keg-mounted configurations for your convenience. The wall mount option features Pacific Beer Equipment's own wall mount bracket, making installation a breeze with just two screws. Plus, you can easily slide the units onto the bracket, allowing for flexible positioning based on your cooler's layout and trunk line arrangement.

Though we started with supplying our fobs to companies primarily for Beer, we have since had companies using our fobs for Nitro Coffee, Soda/Pop machines, Margarita/Daiquiri machines (Taco Bell after midnight) and liquor control systems (Berg).

So why wait? Upgrade to the DFC 9500 or DFC 9600 today and experience the difference for yourself!